Gardening is a wonderful hobby and pastime to have. Not only do you get to be creative and strategic but, you also get rewarded with exciting results! It is hardly surprising when people say they enjoy spending hours in their garden! Many would say it helps their mental health and well-being. We most certainly agree.

There are many ways in which gardening can help you with your mental health and well-being. We hope that after reading our blog piece, you feel inspired to take on your gardening adventures!


1.      Gardening lowers your stress and anxiety levels.

With the pressures of everyday life commitments and relationships, it is easy to get stressed and anxious about life. Gardening is a brilliant outlet in which you can take time to refocus and relax.

Gardening is said to be wonderful for stimulating your senses, as you are surrounded by different sights, sounds, scents, textures and tastes. This all helps towards reducing any built-up stress or anxiety you are feeling.

Lowered stress and anxiety levels also help with your sleep. Great sleep will then make you feel more energised and ready to take on the day.


2.      You feel a sense of purpose when gardening.

At first, if you have a big project in mind for your garden, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. That is why it is worth taking tasks on in small achievable waves.

Give yourself plenty of time to complete these tasks, as you do them – you will begin to feel a sense of purpose. Your purpose may be that you have the responsibility now to keep your plants alive, your garden looking tidy or perhaps, you may be looking to help wildlife and nature? These responsibilities are great to have.

Use your enjoyment of gardening as a driving factor to keep you motivated and feeling good.


3.      Gardening makes for great exercise.

When you spend time gardening, you may not even notice how much physical activity you are doing. This is usually due to you being focused on the task at hand whilst also enjoying yourself!

Everything including weeding, planting and mowing all contribute towards burning calories. These movements encourage your muscle groups to have a good workout.

Gardening is a brilliant form of exercise. For some, it is a much more enjoyable alternative than going to the gym or on a walk.


4.      You take in plenty of Vitamin D when you’re outdoors gardening.

You will be surprised to know that Vitamin D is just as important for your mental health as it is for your physical health!

Researchers found that those who had low Vitamin D were at a greater risk of depression. This is because Vitamin-D is incredibly important for healthy brain functionality.

Of course, be prepared that if it is a hot and sunny day – you should be cautious. Wear protective clothing and suncream. Be sure to wear a hat to protect your head and a suitable pair of sunglasses too!


Gardening should be enjoyed! Be creative, take on challenges and enjoy the rewards of your hard labour. We at Garden Supplies have a brilliant range of helpful garden products, so be sure to take a look and see if we can help you with your gardening journey!