Drought in the garden can cause serious issues, whether it’s an inability for your garden to grow in the way you would like or just the effects of continuous sunlight on plants that need shade. With this in mind, we have put together nine tips to help you get the most out of every drop of water in your garden and keep the effect of drought at bay.

Getting kids involved
  • Watering your plants is an ideal task for children since it gives them responsibility over the garden, without requiring an abundance of skill or knowledge, although that will also increase over time.
  • Learning the best ways to take care of and water a garden is going to be a great starting point for most children to learn about different plants and the conditions that they thrive in.
  • You might need to get a watering can that’s smaller so that it makes it easier for children to use, or advise them to not fill their can up too much.
Do we need it?

During the British summer there is typically plenty of rain, but when dry spells occur it is also good to have some tips ready to keep your garden looking healthy. Remember that the soil might appear dry on the surface but not be underneath. If you delve deeper into the soil and find that it’s still damp, then don’t bother wasting water.


Making sure you water earlier in the morning or later in the evenings will help you to avoid the pure heat of the day and prevent evaporation. Remember that windier weather will also aid evaporation.


Be as precise with your watering as you can be and make sure you specifically target particular roots, since that is where the plant needs that moisture the most. Avoiding placing water onto the leaves will also reduce the risk of the leaves becoming scorched by the sun!

Counting to twenty

A strong soaking every now and again is better than a lighter daily sprinkling. Giving your plants a twenty second douse will push water deeper into the surrounding soil and help the roots to grow stronger and deeper.

Having some bottle

Plastic bottles can, of course, be recycled to irrigate your plants. Simply cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle, make holes in the top lid, and half bury it close by to the roots. Once it is filled with water, it will gradually refresh your plant.

Harvesting rain

Twenty-four thousand litres of rainwater could be collected annually from your roof, so having water butts placed strategically by the side of your house to collect any runoff makes perfect sense from a money-saving perspective. Water stored in these butts will be warmer than normal mains water which can shock the root systems in warmer soil.

Keeping on top of the weeds

By removing your weeds, you stop them from taking water that your plants require. Using hoes can keep them in check, but hoeing also keeps the soil as crumbly as possible, allowing water to truly soak in easier to nourish your roots.

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