Due to the coronavirus outbreak, gardening has become a popular hobby amongst the British population. Choosing high-quality topsoil is vital for your herbs, flowers and plants which is why at Garden Supplies Gloucestershire we are here to help!

Our Melcourt Topsoil is ideal for a wide range of garden uses such as new lawns and raised beds, it is a vegan topsoil that is easy to handle due to its fine texture. It contains the nutrients your garden needs to thrive, balancing the planting environment and promotes good drainage during the rainier seasons. Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, you know that Melcourt Topsoil is good for your garden!

Installing your topsoil is quick and easy to do! You will need a rake to do this. Step one is to make sure the soil you have spread is level and even, as soon as you’re happy with how you have put the soil down you need to water it thoroughly to allow the goodness of the nutrients to penetrate down through the ground to the roots of your plants.

When applying topsoil to create a border or bed, make sure that you have dug over the soil that is already there and mix thoroughly with the new topsoil. Once blended, you can begin planting!

How often should I be adding topsoil to my garden?

We recommend you should add topsoil to your garden each year to ensure the soil remains fruitful and nutritious for your plants.

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