Summer is fast approaching, and for many of us that means more time doing the thing we love most – gardening! It also means that there’s a very good chance you’re going to be welcoming guests into your garden. Accompanying this is usually a need for a little bit more care for your garden than might be otherwise necessary. Taking this into consideration, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the best summer gardening tips we can provide for you this year.

Smarter watering

During the hotter summer months, your garden plants are going to need more watering than they usually would due to the drier, warmer conditions. Many of us, though, do not have the extra time that is needed to spare every available minute watering our plants. By being a little smarter when it comes to watering them, we can give our garden all the water it requires while giving us time to relax in the sun!

The trick here is to water the flowerbeds themselves twice a week but to use an overabundance of water to create a series of little ponds surrounding each individual plant. This aids the plant by supporting it for longer, subsequently reducing the number of times it needs to be watered in the future.

Smarter feeding

There’s also a smarter way to go about feeding your plants too. Because the summer months can be especially tough on our plants, they may require more than just a little bit of extra water. This is where mulch comes in; a layer of dead plant material that typically includes leaves, compost, grass, or bark clippings. This presents not only a fantastic way to feed your plants, but also helps to retain valuable moisture, improves soil quality, and is preventative against the growth of weeds.

Keeping it cool

Planting trees can present a highly effective way to create shade in your garden that significantly cools anything resting underneath, whether that be your plants, patios, seating, or any decking you might have. Another effective way to cool the air within your garden is to add a water feature.

Patio revamp

The nice weather we’re going to be experiencing soon presents us with a perfect opportunity to consider taking on larger projects, such as a revamp of the patio area. Whether that’s refreshing your existing patio setup or laying some completely new stonework, revamping your patio is a fantastic way to transform your garden for the summer.

If you want a more cost-effective way of creating a new look, try hosing down or relocating your furniture or patio, switching your set of cushions, or adding new decorations.


As garden lovers, we are always after newfound inspiration wherever we can find it. Visiting parks, public gardens, garden centres, or attending garden tours are great ways to gather inspiration for your own outdoor area. Discovering new flower materials, combinations and furniture styles is also something that can be incredibly beneficial for those of us looking to revamp our garden for the summer.

Talking to experts will also allow you to figure out what specific flowering plants are great for the summer months, which can make invaluable advice when it comes to summer gardening!

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