Spraying is a vital part of paddock maintenance. Why? Because it kills the weeds when they first appear in your paddock or grasslands, spraying selectively means you can target the areas the weeds grow and they can be eradicated, without damaging other plants and wildlife.

Weeds such as speedwell, ragwort, dandelions and daisies can grow in the best maintained paddocks, which is why spraying is so important to keep it weed free!We offer spraying services for small paddocks with our compact tractor and fully licenced driver.

The best results for spraying occur during the months that the weeds are actively growing, so the ideal time to spray herbicides are during the warmer months; March till the end of October. After spraying has occurred, animals should remain off the paddock for the period of time specified by the manufacture of the herbicide. This is to avoid the digestion of fatal weeds such as ragwort by livestock.

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